Beaded, Gem, Wire and Bonsai Tree Sculptures  by Sal Villano

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Art wrork of Hiroko Sakai

Elizabeth Berriens
Art wrork of KD Sculptures, 1   Art wrork of KD Sculptures, 2

Art wrork of guna graphics
Wire Wall Murals by
Bart Soutendijk
Custom, commissioned wall mounted Wire Art for commercial and residential locations

Art wrork of  Wire Artists

Art wrork of Amy Fishenden    
Art wrork of STANSCAPES
Art work of Linda Paul

Wire Magic wire art

Sculpture by Josh Cote
Art wrork of Tony Scarmato
Art by Iris

Art work of Stubbs Studio

Art wrork of Vickie Wade
Art work of Lucas Leaf Creations 1Art work of Lucas Leaf Creations 2

Art wrork of Natasha Harsh

Art work of Wired for Art

Art wrork of Rosebud
Art work of Georga Metal Art
Art work of William Jordan

Religious Art work of Loan PoperHand Painted Religious Icons
Art wrork of Janice Trane Jones
Art wrork of Dyche Designs

Art work of Karen Merry
Art work of DC Metal Designs

DC Metal Designs
Art work of the mobile factory

Metal art by artist
 Merrill Martineau

Photography by Sue

Mitsugu Katayama
 Wire Sculptor
from Nirayama, Japan

Beautiful prints and sculpture by
NYC based artist Kristen DeFontes
Surreal kids, fantasy cats & angels  artworks
by A.Bazarin
Hand Crafted Metal Art
by Kris Hess
He works primarily in stainless steel
and other metals. He has a extensive resume of exhibitions and commissionsthroughout
North America.

Beaded, Gem, Wire and Bonsai Tree Sculptures  by Sal Villano

TREE  SCULPTURES  by  Sal Villano  
All Rights Reserved. Updated     8.18